Get a Taste of Raw Foods and Start Enjoying a Healthier, More Enjoyable Life – in Just 7 Days

Do you feel like your energy is being sapped before 3:00 every afternoon?

Would you like to try eating more raw foods but don’t know how, to start?

Then take 7 short days to get a “Taste of Raw” foods.

Eating raw, whole foods can quickly make a difference in your life and you don’t even have to go 100% raw to get the benefits. In fact, by simply replacing some cooked foods in your diet with more raw foods you can start feeling better very quickly

Seasoned Women Can Benefit from Eating More Raw Foods

Fresh, raw, fruits and vegetables are naturally high in water content, vitamins and minerals. They naturally keep you hydrated, assist you to detoxify your body in a natural way and provide essential antioxidants to your diet.

And eating raw is not just another fad diet that gives you a temporary “feel good” experience. It is a way to put natural whole foods into your body that let you start to experience only great benefits.

Even eating 50% raw can make a tremendous difference. This comes out to eating a totally raw breakfast and eating 50% raw and 50% cooked food for lunch and dinner – something easy enough for anyone to do.

Look at These Possible, Wonderful Benefits from a Raw Foods Diet

After eating raw for only few days many people experience some or all of these great benefits:

  • have more energy and vitality
  • achieve a more shapely figure
  • improve the quality of your life
  • see wrinkles fading away and better skin tone
  • feel more clear headed with improved memory
  • gain a sense of peace and calm
  • release excess stress and worry
  • feel more balanced and happiness

Because of the simple, pure foods you will add to your diet with the Taste of Raw Program, you will be able to experience going raw with few to no detox or harsh withdrawal symptoms. You will

  • change your relationship to food
  • feel more comfortable in your skin
  • could eliminate some food addictions, cravings and compulsive eating

If you want to go raw, but ask the questions “how?” a Taste of Raw is the answer.

With this program you will get to taste raw foods for 7 days. You can eat all of your meals plus snacks raw or eat a raw meal and add other foods too. At least stay 50% to 100% raw for 7 days.

Go Raw Without Disrupting Your Regular Schedule

I know you might hesitate to try raw foods because you think it will take too much time or disrupt your regular schedule to prepare these foods, right?

Or maybe you might be worried about the possible detox effects that can happen when you start to eat clean, natural foods.

Well, I thought of that for you too.

That’s why I designed this program to ease you into a Taste of Raw instead of asking for a 100% commitment to eating raw foods or doing a strict cleanse program. Even though you could experience some detoxing symptoms this week, it shouldn’t disrupt your regular schedule at all.

In fact, you will be encouraged to eat some cooked foods at one meal each day, usually dinner. This can be as simple as adding a piece of animal protein (if your want) to any of the recipes from the program Guidebook and Recipes.

This lets you ease very gently into the raw foods diet. Even if you have some detox symptoms, they should be very mild and gentle. However, if you decide to go all raw for the 7 days, you can expect to experience additional health benefits as well as detox symptoms that could include headache, increased bowel movement (which are good for you) and maybe a bit of tiredness.

Otherwise, the recipes are easy, you don’t need any fancy equipment, and most are easy to pack up for lunch away from home. Because you can add some cooked foods if you want you won’t shock your system into a severe detox situation.

That makes this a great “no excuses” introduction to eating raw foods. .

Enjoy Easy, Delicious Recipes

The recipes in this program are easy to create yet enjoyable to eat.

Here are some of the recipes you get with this program:

3 Green Smoothie Recipes
These fabulous energy boosters only take a blender. Expect to get hooked on these fast, pleasant tasting drinks that give you a fast infusion of fresh vegetables and fruits with all of their natural vitmins, minerals and essential antioxidants.

5 Salad Recipes – and 3 Raw Dressing
When you think salad do you think it means wilted lettuce and soggy tomatoes? Well, you’ll quickly find out that salads can be exciting and tasty and have a lot of variety. Use any of these five recipes in the 7 days or find one or two favorites for the week (then have other recipes for the next weeks)!

4 Raw Soup Recipes
Enjoy raw soups that provide a light, slightly sweet meal or some that are hearty enough to serve as your dinner. You’ll also enjoy finding out how to use a variety of vegetables (and some fruits) as you prepare these nourishing soups in your blender. Use these basic recipes to give you ideas on how to create your own raw soup recipes.

4 Main Dish Recipes – with Variations
Yes, you can create main dish meals with raw foods without fancy kitchen equipment. For instance, learn how to create spaghetti with no wheat, flour, eggs. Plus, two raw sauce ideas are included that will get your creative thoughts flowing. Also learn to create vegetable wraps that can be eaten as a dinner or easily packed up for a meal away from home.

1 Dessert Recipe
YES, you get to eat dessert with your Taste of Raw program! You get a recipe for a quick, sugar free dessert that you can create in less than 5 MINUTES! You’ll have to wait to see what the fabulous Surprise Desert is when you get the program.

Extra Snack Ideas
Your 7 day meal plan also includes additional ideas for healthy, natural snacks you can add to your eating throughout the day. This is important because eating raw, natural foods can make you feel hungry more often until your body gets balanced on these new foods. These snacks will be easy to carry with you or to eat at home.

That means you get enough recipes to have several weeks of raw eating fun – all for the one time investment for this program. That’s also why I included an extra, blank menu planning graph so you can pick and choose from all of these fun recipes for this week – and for several week’s after the program ends.

What’s Included in a Taste of Raw Program TasteOfRawCover

This fully downloaded, digital program includes everything you need to make a Taste of Raw easy for you to do:

Guidebook and Recipe Book: This is the main document in the program. This Guidebook provides all the details you need to successfully move through the 7 days. You will understand how to bring raw foods into your eating plan, what to expect when adding clean, whole foods to your diet, and how to get through these days if you are cooking for others not on the program.

Shopping List: You have a complete shopping list, plus enough recipes The only equipment you’ll need is a blender. A few recipes use a food processor.

Complete 7- Day Menu Plan: Get a fully scheduled menu plan so you don’t have to think about what to eat when. Just follow the suggested way of eating for the 7 days, using recipes provided in the program. You also have enough optional recipes for almost three weeks worth of meals so you can keep going after the first week if you want.

Blank Menu Plan: If you want to select some of the other recipes from the guide (or find your own following the program criteria) use the blank menu plan to do so.

Program Journal: A Journal to record you progress over the 7 days. Record how you feel and the changes in your energy levels, looks over the 7 days.

Raw Foods Ebook: A 20 –page ebook called “About Raw Foods” that tells you all about the benefits of raw foods, why they can help you get healthier and what to expect when eating more raw foods in your life.

You Can Get Started Today

Invest in taking care of your life starting now and experience the joy of eating raw, fresh foods. The value of this program is worth far more than the investment level of only $127.

In fact, once you start experiencing the benefits of raw foods, you will probably want to continue experiencing the good feelings and healthy results you get starting this week.

Bring raw foods into your diet immediately by signing up for this program right now.

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