Season for Detox – Day 8

Well on to week two with my detox.  I’m feeling great right now and decided to start using Alissa Cohen’s, Living on Live Foods cookbook as my source for foods this week. 

This isn’t just a raw cookbook but a type of mini-encyclopedia for all things raw.  I’ve had this in my cookbook library for a few years but never stopped to use it.  Actually, the Kale and Tomato Salad I made last week came from this cookbook and it was great.  Today for lunch I used the Mock Salmon Pate recipe.  I had this dish at the Vegan Potluck I was invited to last Sunday so was very surprised to find it in this cookbook.

The recipe calls for a red bell pepper to give the salmon color to the mix but I only had  a green bell pepper.  It still came out good without the correct color.  Of course, I added more spices as many raw recipes are a bit bland for me.  Instead of having it on a cracker I used a cabbage leaf as a wrap and added a green olive.  Wow, this one is a winner. I’m going to a potluck in December and this recipe is in the running for my offering. 

A surprising thing was that I was actually full today.  One reason could be that this dish was a bit more substantial than others I’ve had so far.    Another reason might be that my stomach is getting used to this fresh, whole food diet and not needing as much food. 

Oh yes, I have to remember that I also made cookies so that helped.  Some of the ingredients included flax meal, rice flour, 72% cocoa, almonds and mixed with coconut oil. They were baked so not officially raw, more vegan, very hearty too.   This recipe wasn’t from the Cohen book.

But the book is definitely worth looking into if you interested in raw foods at all.  She provides loads of information on how to get started with recipes that are easy and delicious.  Click on the book here to read more about it.