With this course you will receive a daily email for the next 30 days. Each email will provide a specific action, thought, activity, etc. that you can use in 10 minutes as you start your day. Some of these will be good for you to put into action as soon as you wake up in the morning.  For others, you might do them after you’ve had your morning meal.  In fact, you’ll get suggestions on how to prepare that morning meal too.

Remember, every suggestion is meant for you to be able complete it within 10 minutes.  That means the ideas will not be very focused although some of the information will be lengthier on some days than other days.  That’s because I’m also a Holistic Health Coach and I always try to provide extra value, education and information to benefit your health.

Hopefully, you will find some ideas that you really enjoy and want to make a regular part of your life.  That’s fabulous – in fact that’s exactly what I hope will happen.

Each idea has been time tested and done by me and many others I’ve worked with over the years.  Therefore you are getting the best, fast, easy ideas possible to start your day.

Here’s what you will receive over the next 30 days:

Today you receive:

1. Introduction Email

This is your introduction email and Lesson.  Please save this email as it tells you what to expect each day in the course. Be sure to whitelist the emails from The Daily 10 so you the emails will no go into your junk mail. 

Set up a folder in your email account where you can put each email from “The Daily 10.” That way you can go back to review the ideas anytime after the end of the 30 days.

When you get your Lesson for the day read through it and see what is being suggested for your to do.    Some of the suggestions will go quicker if you prepare what is suggested the night before.  For instance, one lesson tells you about preparing a green smoothie to start your day.  If making green smoothies is new to you it would be best if you prepared the green smoothie in your blender the night before and put it in the refrigerator.  Then you can just blend it in the morning.

Also, some of the suggestions for different activities you can do will work better if you decide the evening before exactly what you are going to do in those 10 minutes.

Another tip is that after the you get into the course, you can combine the information in some of the lessons. For instance, you could three different ideas for a fast breakfast at once.  After doing this a few days, you will be able to prepare your fast breakfast in 10 minutes and have a complete breakfast meal.