Season for Detox – Day 5

Five days in and I’m feeling fine!  It’s getting more exciting to try new foods each day on this detox.  One thing I’m learning is to have something to eat before you get too hungry, and eating raw vegan will let you get hungry more often than eating animal proteins and fats.  

At least I know the foods are being digested;  the stomach is being emptied quickly and there is an increase in eliminations.  Both great signs of detoxing.  It’s difficult to say if it’s the detox or not, but my skin is looking clearer already.  However, I also changed to a gentler cleanser and moisturizer so that’s why I don’t know if it’s the detox or not, or both.

Today, I made a ginger, tomato soup for lunch.  I had some left over coconut cream so added that in which gave it a smooth taste.   The soup was really delicious. I even decided to try it hot instead of lukewarm and enjoyed it even more.  I’m anxious to try this soup with some crackers made in my dehydrator.  I haven’t even pulled that tool out of the box yet but I’m starting to feel braver.

Dinner was a huge green salad with corn, tomatoes, celery, green onions, parsley, spinach, lettuce, and a dressing of oil, vinegar a bit of mustard, salt and pepper.  I was really hungry by dinnetime so I ate a lot of this fresh salad.

I don’t know if I’ll stay raw but it is definitely fun exploring these new food creations.  The health benefits can’t be topped.  Each meal loads you up with vitamins and minerals from fresh, wholesome food, the best source of nutrients. 

A plant based diet has also been shown to provide healing benefits but repairing a body from inside out.  I just have to be strong when preparing other foods for other people in the house.  I’m hopeful, it will all work out.




Eating raw, whole foods can quickly make a difference in your life and you don’t even have to go 100% raw to get the benefits. In fact, by simply replacing some cooked foods in your diet with more raw foods you can start feeling better very quickly

Savor A Taste Of Raw

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