Season of Detox – Day 19

It’s so good to be back on track.  This was still a travel day but I was fortunate to be able to get back on track with my detox as well as exercising.  It was great to spend an extra night in San Francisco relaxing after a long weekend.  Sometimes, traveling can be more tiresome than staying at home for the weekend.  Anyway, this morning I had a teleseminar so didn’t really get anything to eat.  That was the bad part.  I didn’t have fruit so skipped my smoothie.  Besides, the kale looked a bit wilted after three days.   So meal one wiwas with family at BJ’s Restuarant.  Fortunately, I know that they have salads and potatoes.  White potatoes are not the best choice for a detox because of their high startch levels but they’re better than nothing. 

Had  a good power walk around the mini-lake outside of the hotel in crisp fresh weather before heading to lunch with family members. I had a garden salad with oil and vinegar dressing and half of a classic baked potato, sour creama nd butter with chives on the side.  I admit I used about half of the condiments with some salt and pepper.  It was filling and satisfying.  I wasn’t tempted to consume any of the meat products at all.  Got home and felt hungry again.  Ate some red grapes which tasted sweet and divine.  Then made a Kale, Avocado and Tomato Salad.  It’s fun to have a few new recipes under my belt.  I’m starting to see how easy a raw life can be since you really don’t have to do a lot to have a meal.  

Going to bed early tonight, around 9 p.m.  Very tired from staying up too late and not sleeping in my own bed.  Can’t wait to get under the covers tonight.


Eating raw, whole foods can quickly make a difference in your life and you don’t even have to go 100% raw to get the benefits. In fact, by simply replacing some cooked foods in your diet with more raw foods you can start feeling better very quickly

Savor A Taste Of Raw

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