Season for Detox – Day 9

I keep going on with the detox.  What about you?  Have you thought about giving your body a rest?  Consider these questions:  Are you tired of being tired all of the time?  Would you like to get rid of that foggy feeling in your head that keeps you from thinking clearly or having good memory?  Would you like to get rid of those body aches and pains? Then I strongly recommend that you consider doing your own detox program.

Here are a few reasons to consider this:

1. You never really know what poisons you are putting into your body through foods. 

As difficult as that sounds it’s very true that our foods are filled with toxins, preservatives, chemicals and genetically modified organisms.  Depending on how many processed foods you eat each day, you might never actually eat true food.  Instead you could be eating nothing but artificial junk made to look like food.  If you think about it,  what real food comes dried up in a box?  But that’s have we’ve been indoctrinated to think.   Getting the poisons out of the body is necessary to avoid really getting serious diseases.

2. Your need to clear your brain fog

Your brain is fed by foods just like the rest of your body.  We don’t think of this because you can’t see the brain putting on weight or getting “out of shape.”  But the reality is that you may not see it but you can feel the brain getting out of shape.  Don’t think so?  Well, do you ever start to forget things you know you shouldn’t forget?  Does your memory ever seem a bit poor?  Are you getting headaches or feeling tension in your head?   A lot of that is coming from the brain trying to process chemicals and preservatives instead of real foods that provides it with nourishment.  Clearing the brain from trash should be one of your primary goals when eating.

3.   Your cells need to breathe

All body health begins at the cellular level.  Your cells are nourished by the nutrients you put in your mouth.  These nutrients come from the foods you eat that go through the digestive process.  That means if you put junk in, your cells will be filled with a lot of junk.  By putting in nutrients rich foods you support the health of your cells.  That means keeping a healthier body that can withstand disease and knock off attacks from many bugs and viruses.  Healthy cells are the key to the fountain of youth.  Clogging them with nasty foods clogs them up and worse, can bring on early death from illness and disease.

Detoxing the body is a powerful way to help slough off the bad stuff you ingest in your foods.  During this time, you eat in a conscious way by preparing only the freshest foods with the most nutrients.    You become aware of what you’re eating.  It’s also a time to learn about whole foods and how to prepare them for life long health.   

You also get to eat fun things, like the cabbage leaf sandwich I created today.  I used a large cabbage leaf, spread with avocado, the mock salmon pate, thinly sliced cucumber and tomato, a few great seasonings.  Wrap all of this up and eat.  Wow, talk about good.  Had two of these and felt satisfied all afternoon. 

Without this detox I probably wouldn’t be finding these great recipes to try and being so conscious of how these fresh, new foods are affecting my body.  Think about joining me in your own detox.  Believe me, it’s worth it.



Eating raw, whole foods can quickly make a difference in your life and you don’t even have to go 100% raw to get the benefits. In fact, by simply replacing some cooked foods in your diet with more raw foods you can start feeling better very quickly

Savor A Taste Of Raw

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