Season for Detox – Day 7

The first full week of the detox has been completed.  This is becoming an enjoyable experience.   What I feel after one week is less brain fog.  It’s good to feel that I can remember things better, all by letting my body get cleansed.  I don’t miss meats yet.  I’ve been enjoying learning to combine new produce together.  What’s interesting is that I often feel stuck about what to fix to eat yet I’m only faced with fruits and vegetables. 

Something I learned from Alissa Cohen is that it’s important to have a lot of food prepared when you first start eating fresh and raw foods because you will be hungry quickly.  I didn’t do that so hunger creeps up on me.  The good thing is that it is easy to put a meal together with raw foods.  But better planning will make it better.  I think I’ll follow Alissa Cohen’s week of foods for week two.  

Well for day 7 I created a raw green soup with avocado, spinach, tomato and  few other ingredients.  Again, very fresh, and comforting.  With that I sauteed some Swiss chard with onions, garlic and a splash of rice vinegar, so I wasn’t totally raw today.  That was for dinner.  For lunch I ate some left-overs from yesterday; cabbage with corn and carrots along with a little bit of the sweet potato fries.  

I’m really tired tonight.  I stayed up very late watching the election returns last night then got up exceptionally early with the idea of getting a nap in the afternoon.  Of course, that never happened.  I’m trying to set up my own detox program to offer but will finish that up tomorrow.


Eating raw, whole foods can quickly make a difference in your life and you don’t even have to go 100% raw to get the benefits. In fact, by simply replacing some cooked foods in your diet with more raw foods you can start feeling better very quickly

Savor A Taste Of Raw

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