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Get in On This Special Commercial Advertising Package – Limited Time Only

Do You Have a Product, Service, Book, or Business that Targets the “Seasoned Woman?”

Then Move FAST to Get One of the Open Spots to Promote Your Business on Seasoned Women Health Radio – the Worlds Leading Online Radio Show for Health and Wellness for the woman is who is seasoned in life, business and health.

Hi – I’m Dr. Consuelo Meux, Ph.D.

Consuelo Meux, Ph.D. CEO of Seasoned Women Productions
Host of the #1 Premiere Internet Radio Show, Seasoned Women Health Radio
Leading Marketing and Promotions Expert for Health and Wellness Professionals
Leadership & Organizational Consultant
Certified Life and Health Coach and Raw/Vegan Chef

If you are a practitioner, professional, coach, consultant, chef, nutritionist, alternative health services provider, or other health and wellness professional who serves the target audience of women 40 and over – I am offering a very unique opportunity for YOU to promote what you do on my radio show – Seasoned Women Health Radio.

My show is broadcast every Wednesday on the SWHR is broadcast weekly on the Amazing Women of Power Network – the Worlds Leading Positive Programming Network. We are not just a podcast or blog talk radio (although these are fabulous audio outlets and I do use some of these to expand my listening audience.

SWHR is broadcast weekly on the Amazing Women of Power Network. Amazing Women of Power is a full service Internet based Radio NETWORK - Syndicated WORLDWIDE to up to 3.8 million listeners

Online Radio Advertising Has Multiple Benefits for Businesses that want to Reach a Target Audience.

The demographics of my Target Market of Seasoned Women influences -

  • 58% of dollars spent online
  • 80% of Health cost decisions
  • 45% of consumer electronics purchases
  • 44% of NFL Fans!

Online Radio’s Unique Marketing Opportunities Include:

  • Can reach the “on-the-go” audience who listen through iPad, IPod, Smart Phones or other devices
  • Lets you establish a special relationship with the audience that is particularly interested in health & wellness topics (a HUGE audience)
  • Can break through the lines of media bombardment in a cost-effective manner as listeners are a captured audience for a period of time
  • On-location remote broadcasts are powerful and profitable and can be set up for some sponsors depending on location
  • Unique, specialized format allows you to laser target your best prospects of the Baby Boomer woman
  • Reaches prospects closest to the point of purchase when their mind if focused on what you have to offer
  • Bridges the gap left by other media as each program is focused and targeted
  • Provides for unique on-air promotions as we work together to provide the audience with your information
  • Is the most powerful “Top-of-the-Mind” (TOM) marketing meaning stays on people’s mental radar
  • Can influence new markets and prospects as SWHR does its marketing to expand the listening base
  • Complements other advertising platforms that you already have
  • Listener-ship remains strong while other media time is declining

Commercial Package SPECIAL!

As a special gift to Participants in the Healthy, Wealthy and Wise Give-away, I am offering the opportunity to promote your business to my listening audience at an incredibly reduced rate.

For a limited time only you can purchase a professional designed 30-second commercial advertisement for your business for only $97. (Regular investment would be over $200 for this complete package).

Your commercial will be

  • Professionally written, recorded and edited. You decide if you want to record it yourself, have me do it, or I will have it done by a professional voice artist for you.SWHR Logo
  • You will get an audio copy of the finished commercial to use however, you want. I suggest you add it to your website, play it at trade shows, use it to develop a YouTube video – and more.
  • I will feature your commercial on FOUR of my shows. I interview the worlds foremost experts in health & wellness attracting a loyal and interested listening audience. Your commercial will be widely heard, increasing your business potential.
  • PLUS – I will place your business logo on the Seasoned Women Health Radio website for a limited time to increase your visibility.
  • PLUS – I will write a blog post about you in the Seasoned Women Productions or Seasoned Women Wellness blog during the time that you are featured on the radio show.

You get ALL of this at the Special Rate – Good ONLY until MONDAY – July 8, 2013 – $97.

Make your move today to get in on this special rate. All sales final. (I have the option to limit this offer at my discretion based on the response).

NOTICE: We do not accept businesses that would be promoting: Reverse Funnel System, adult topics, autosurfs, traffic exchanges or similar programs. We reserve the right to refuse any sponsor/advertisement that we are not comfortable recommending or that would be offensive to our listeners. Participation in this advertising program is not a guarantee of financial or marketing increase. Situations and business vary and there is no guarantee that you will benefit financially or otherwise through this marketing program. The author and publisher assumes no responsibility or liability whatsoever on behalf of any participant in this program and your participation in this program is at your own risk. Any perceived slight of any person or organization is totally unintentional.