Get Some Butt-Up Time!

Online Entrepreneurs MUST know work in some well needed “butt-up” time into their day.  If you’ve been on the computer for any period of time, I think you know what I mean.

It is no secret that a new epidemic is showing up in the Online Entrepreneur world.  Too much time sitting down can result in too much expansion, and not in business directions. 

The point is not to be too blunt, but to address a real health issue.

One of the results of this expansion is excess weight in the mid-section.  This can be particularly dangerous for your health.  Research indicates that belly fat centered in the mid-section can increase the risk of cardiovascular disease, diabetes, certain cancers, and even premature death.  

Mid-section weight is only one problem.  Poor circulation, leg pains, back pain and even hunched back pain are  just a few more issues. 

All body fat comes from eating more calories than you burn.  It is normal to think that getting older increases body fat.  For seasoned women experiencing menopause, more fat around the mid-section is expected.  But increasing fat is not a necessary result of just aging.  Too many calories, a lack of exercise and not building muscle are culprits to fat increase.  Also, sitting for too long in one spot can also pack on those pounds.

You probably know that working at the computer can be addictive.  You can sit for hours at a time without realizing it.  Before you know it, four, six, even eight to 10 hours have flown by.  You might even eat at the computer, talk on the phone, have your kids come in and play with you in the computer area and have chats with your spouse or others in the family, all while sitting at the computer. 

At some point, you must have some “butt-up” time.  Butt-Up time happens when you actually get up, start moving and burn some calories.  It’s all about your health.  We’ll be talking about a lot of issues related to the health of online entrepreneurs and giving details on how to make your “butt-up” time most effective.

Do you have enough “butt-up’ time?  What do you do to get moving and get away from the computer?


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