Getting Older

Do you worry about getting older?  I know that’s not easy to bring up but sometimes you just have to face reality.  At some point, if we live long enough we’ll grow older and eventually we’ll get old.  

It almost seems impossible doesn’t it?  I remember looking at my parent’s friends when I was young and thinking “I’ll never be that old.”  Of course, being polite ladies, they never talked about their age.  So I found out by overhearing a conversation or trying to make a guess.  I thought they were very beautiful but getting older meant having to face the fact that life is short.

This thought used to hit me at times.  It wasn’t a bad thing.  I’m always grateful for the years I’ve had so far and look forward to many more.  I come from a family with longevity.  Elders live into their 90′s and some of my ancestors easily hit the hundreds.  So it’s my hope that the Lord has longevity in my future too.  Not just for me but to be able to watch my children grow old and my grandchildren grow up to become the fabulous adults I know they will be.

The one question I used to ponder was, am I doing what I was destined to do in life?  Am I fulfilling the goals I was born for?   Perhaps this is a question we all ask at some point.  It takes time and thought to get a breakthrough to feel comfortable that you are living your life in the right direction.  

Knowing that direction brings a lot of peace as you grow older.  I became a Certified Life Breakthrough Coach  to help other Seasoned Women find the peace of their perfect life direction too.  Find out if this coaching is for you so you also go into your future days with joy and peace.

Life Breakthrough Coaching


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