Eat as natural as possible

To better your health, do the things that just make good sense:

1. Stay away from processed foods.
2. Cut out sugar and synthetically created sweeteners.
3. Have a balanced whole foods diet.

Processed foods often have little to no nutritional value. Additionally, they contain preservatives necessary to keep the product shelf fresh for unnaturally long periods of time.  These foods can also be the root cause of many ailments, ranging from allergies to migraines.

As for synthetically created sweeteners, the facts are just as bad. Aspartame – the basic ingredient for most artificial sweeteners – has more than 90 documented negative side effects.  The option to use is something natural like products made from Stevia.  Stevia is a natural herb which is 200 times sweeter than sugar in its pure form if you need to replace sugar in your diet.

When it comes to balanced whole foods, that’s the way to start being as healthy as possible.  Make sure your plate has more color instead of being “brown.”  That is, go for fruits and loads of vegetables instead of just meats, grains, or potatoes.

Overall, keep it natural and keep it balanced.  Here’s to living longer!


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