Improve Self-Health – Go Raw Sometimes!

To improve your health, increase your energy, and have more mental clarity - Go RAW - at least some of the time. It might not be realistic for you to be a total raw foodie or even raw more than 50% of the time.  But increasing your intake of fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds and sprouts can make a huge difference in your self-health.   Eating live foods is the best way to feed your Continue Reading

The Humungous Veggie Salad

I call this my big HVS  - Humongous Vegetable Salad. Here is the vegetable salad I keep around constantly. It goes with absolutely everything. I prepare this once or twice a week. If you don’t put in vegetables that have a lot of water content it tends to last longer in the refrigerator.  You can pull it out and serve yourself a bowl of it anytime of the day. It’s also a great meal to Continue Reading

Gluten Free Cooking Day

The Wellness Kitchen in Templeton, CA. was the location of a wonderful gluten-free cooking event day.  I had a wonderful time with Rosemary, the owner of the Bless Your Heart Bakery and about 13 other women (and one man), learning her techniques for gluten-free cooking.   The atmosphere was peaceful and the community of participants was one of graciousness and friendship. I've been trying to Continue Reading

Simplicity of Foods

Putting delicious dishes together doesn't to be complex.  I always wonder why people say they don't' like to cook, but coming from a tradition of cooks who spend the whole day in the kitchen, I can understand when people think cooking has to take to much time out of a busy day. That was my experience until just recently.  I started using the Healthiest Foods in the world cookbook a few months Continue Reading

Eat as natural as possible

To better your health, do the things that just make good sense: 1. Stay away from processed foods. 2. Cut out sugar and synthetically created sweeteners. 3. Have a balanced whole foods diet. Processed foods often have little to no nutritional value. Additionally, they contain preservatives necessary to keep the product shelf fresh for unnaturally long periods of time.  These foods can Continue Reading