Anti-Aging Tip #3 – The Exercise Factor

Seasoned women who don’t get moving and exercise run the risk of accelerrating their aging experience.  It is well known that staying active and exercising can increase flexibility needed to be able to keep doing everyday life chores.  Exercise can extend longevity, and help keep your weight in line.  It also helps to reduce stress and may even help to keep Alzheimer’s disease at bay.

Unfortunately, ”Inactivity is an addiction that many of us have,” says William J. Evans, PhD, a professor of geriatric medicine, nutrition and physiology at the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences in Little Rock. ”The first step is to just make the decision to be more active,” Dr. Evans says. “That can be as simple as parking a little further away and walking or taking the stairs instead of the elevator.”

After increasing your exercise levels be sure to get in some strength training to keep your muscle  mass and add in moderate-intensity activity such as walking for 30 minutes or more, five or more days a week.


Eating raw, whole foods can quickly make a difference in your life and you don’t even have to go 100% raw to get the benefits. In fact, by simply replacing some cooked foods in your diet with more raw foods you can start feeling better very quickly

Savor A Taste Of Raw

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